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Setbacks are Setups🙏

🚨“You get to choose how to respond to challenges when they come up.”😳

If you, or someone you care about, is going through a difficult challenge, work or otherwise, then you might dig this one.✅

The ongoing development of your team members should go far beyond welcome week, and we should be mindful to include ourselves in that #lifelonglearning journey as well.👏🏼

I don’t know about you, but while there have been an incredible amount of set-ups & successes along my career journey, there have also been unplanned, unforeseen and even undesired events, too.😕 What I have learned (eventually😉), is that everything is a set-up for something bigger than you could have possibly imagined.🙏🔥

Willing to develop this radically different #mindset approach?🥳 Perfect place to start is right where you are in this exact moment.❤️

A powerful reflection that Andy Storch shares in his book, relates to this exact conversation.💯 I’ve begun the homework on this, and I can’t even begin to tell you how healing this process can be for you as well.

If you’re facing a challenge, too, then let’s look at the situation and ask (and answer) these 3️⃣ questions. Check out his book for a further deep-dive as these will challenge you for the good.👊🏼

1. What’s great about this?

2. What does this make possible?

3. What can I learn from this?

And by the way, you’re enough❤️

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